Acquisition investigation

Sometimes a logical (and fast) path to growing your business is by acquiring your competition, supplier, customer or other suitable target company. We usually find that you’ve been either too busy to do all the initial investigation of the acquisition target or more likely, you’ve simply never done it before. We have considerable experience and a proven track record in mergers and acquisitions, having participated in literally hundreds of transactions over the last 20 years.

We work on behalf of you, the buyer, by investigating and identifying potential acquisition targets based on criteria agreed up front with you. We also assist you with the transaction itself, ensuring that it is completed as smoothly as possible. Post-acquisition, we’re there to assist with successful integration of the new business into your current structure. We find this last point is often overlooked but in reality is crucial to maximising the success of the acquisition.

Here’s how we do it:

Understand in detail your requirements

  • Gain a good understanding of the existing business
  • Identify and agree the key criteria by which an acquisition target will be assessed
  • Construct and agree a detailed acquisition brief with you

Make recommendations on likely acquisition targets

  • Presentation of the information memorandum for each potential target
  • Agreement with you on the next steps to progress the purchase

Integration of the new acquisition into the existing business portfolio

  • Assist with implementing our comprehensive change management process to ensure successful integration of the new business for the long term

Research potential acquisition targets

  • Identify potential targets via our extensive network and other means as agreed
  • Review and assess the acquisition target’s financial performance and reported business operations
  • Approach and meet with the target to assess quality of operations and likely fit with your business
  • Provide support in the production of information memoranda as required

Facilitation of the transaction

  • Assist in the due diligence process with your advisors
  • Liaise with all stakeholders to manage the transfer and hand-over