Exit planning

We assist business owners who are preparing to sell their businesses, particularly for retirement. There are a significant and atypically large number of business owners born between 1945 and 1955, who are in the process of preparing to sell their businesses in the next few years. Business Analysts report that the largest transfer of business wealth and assets in history is in the process of occurring. This will continue over the coming years. We work with you to ensure that you attain the maximum value of the business asset, whether you are planning a trade sale, a management buy-out/buy-in, or other means of realising your business’s accumulated worth.

One thing that we encourage is to make sure that you have an understanding of the market value of the business quite early in the process. Everyone has an opinion as to what their business is worth so it’s vital that an independent valuation is obtained in order to understand the most probable selling price of the business.

From there, one of two things happens. We can then proceed to finding buyers for the business or, more likely, developing a plan of what needs to be done to increase the value, in order to achieve the amount that you had in mind. This is why we like to meet with you very early in the process. There are many and varied strategies that we can employ to help improve the value at sale; however, they need to be implemented in a step-by-step process over a sustained period of time.

While we’re doing this, we’ll be busy sourcing potential buyers. We have our own bespoke system designed to attract quality purchasers effectively, through our national and international network. We’ll help you with due diligence and liaise with all stakeholders to manage the sale and hand-over. We can also assist with structuring the sale to further maximise the result for all parties.